Cabinet Makers In Auckland Will Impress

Cabinets are very useful installations in the home, perfect for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. They are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, with multiple uses and styles available. WF Construction ‒ expert cabinet makers in Auckland ‒ can cater to your concept design process, material choice, installation and finishings. 

Construction Of Cabinets

Cabinets are composed of many components such as the carcass, corner braces, door, drawers, face frame and hinges. These components need to be expertly joined, fitted and constructed to ensure a functional cabinet with a seamless finish. Since items are stored within cabinets, shelving inside needs to be level for ease of packing and safety. Cabinets can be installed in any room of the house, but the most popular are the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are built for storage of pantry dry goods, cutlery and crockery as well as appliances. There are many cabinet styles suitable for the kitchen, including open glass doors to display specific items or closed doors for a classic and neat finish. The type of material used in the kitchen may vary, although hard polished wood or melamine are recommended for safety and cleanliness. The style and colour of built-in cabinets can contribute to the room’s overall atmosphere, whether farmstyle, beachy, cottage core or modern.

Bathroom Cabinets

Built-in bathroom cabinets are very useful for storing toiletries, medicines and other cleaning products needed in the bathroom. Having them mounted on the wall means that they can also be practically used by including mirrors. They can be designed to include compartments inside to house small bottles and bits and bobs that would otherwise be loose and disorganised in the bathroom. Materials such as certain synthetic products, metals or melamine should be used as they are easy to clean and are not affected by water. Wood is not recommended for use in the bathroom as it can be subject to water damage and can rot or degrade.

If you are hoping to install cabinets into your home and are looking for skilled cabinet makers in Auckland, contact us at WF Construction for quality and affordable services and excellent customer relations.