Why Schools Require Regular Maintenance

Schools have a duty towards their staff and pupils to provide safe and well-kept grounds. And that does require quite a lot of maintenance. While an in-house groundsman can handle the day-to-day tasks, there comes a time when you may need to hire a team to provide a complete maintenance service, including fixing any broken features and giving your school a fresh coat of paint.

Schools are unique in that they often need more maintenance than other buildings. In this article, we’ll have a look at why schools seem to require this maintenance and why it is well worth investing in school maintenance in Auckland.

A Lot of Foot Traffic

Schools tend to experience a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes, hundreds of students walk the hallways from class to class each and every day. This foot traffic and the sheer number of staff and visitors is cause for regular maintenance.


Unfortunately, where there are children and teenagers, there is often vandalism. While it can be discouraged and punished, it is almost impossible for bathrooms and walls to remain free from graffiti. 

Many Different Areas

Schools are often very large. There are many different areas and zones, including classrooms, staff areas, quads, cafeterias, sports grounds etc. It can be impossible to keep all of these areas properly maintained without a professional team’s help.

Attracting New Students and Staff

No matter what type of school you are involved in, you want to attract the right students and staff members for your school. One way to ensure that your school is attractive and inviting is to ensure that it is properly looked after and maintained.

Allowing Students and Staff to Feel Pride

It is so important that students and teachers feel pride in their school. They spend a lot of time thereafter all! Maintaining your school will instil a sense of pride in those that work and study at the school.

Health and Safety

Maintenance is an essential part of health and safety. It is a good way to fix any broken items and for potential hazards to be realised and handled. It is the responsibility of the school to provide a safe and secure environment.

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